Keto Week 4 | Life Happens

The weekend leading into week 4, my family and I had plans to spend the weekend at Disneyland, so I knew I was likely to have more non-Keto foods than usual.

Friday Night: I went off the rails in a hunger rage, because no one would let me go get appropriate food for my diet. I ended up with a PB&J. I wasn’t really disappointed or upset with myself, because life happens, right?

Saturday, Inside The Park: I actually was a-okay inside the park. I brought some of my own snacks (jerky sticks and MCT oil for my coffee), and only ate the Keto-friendly stuff when we bought food. I did have a small bite of a Dole Whip, but refused a bite when my husband shoved a churro in my face. Victory!

Sunday, Character Breakfast & Drive Thrus: Buffets are the worst. Keto or not. The line for the omelet station was out of the question for a hangry Kristen, and buffet scrambled eggs…ew. I couldn’t deal with just having a plate of bacon, so I had a bagel and some oatmeal. I was instantly feeling bloat and discomfort, but it’s okay. I made the decision. I didn’t fall victim to it.

We had a baptism to hit on the way home, so we skipped lunch altogether, and husband was so tired by the end of it, we decided on something quick for dinner. Those good ol’ Golden Arches. I mean, if you’re going to eat off plan, might as well have the best fries in the land, right?

Surprisingly on Sunday night, I wasn’t completely out of ketosis yet, but I knew I would be by morning. No sweat.

I was back on track starting Monday, but for the next 2 days I was in so much digestive discomfort. I was up like 6-8 lbs in just a couple of days, too. (My uncle mentioned that I may have a food allergy [gluten or something], based on my gain and discomfort from reintroducing carbs. It’s something I’ll look into, for sure.)

By Wednesday I was back on the meter for ketones and most of the bloating and discomfort had subsided. I was surprised to see how quickly I bounced back, but interestingly enough, I was knocked back out of ketosis by Thursday morning, even though I hadn’t eaten any non-Keto foods since Monday. Wondering what happened there…

Someone I follow on YouTube recently mentioned in a video that she doesn’t want to call them “cheat” meals anymore. I really like her philosophy, and think I will start to try to think of it that way too. HERE is a link to that video. She’s really sweet! Give her a follow!

Today I am down 1.8 lbs from my last weigh in, two weeks ago. Which is amazing, considering my indulgence in all the carbs. I haven’t had a chance to take my measurements, but I don’t feel like much has changed.

Here’s my video recap for this weigh in:

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