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To keep myself on track, I have taken to video journaling my weight loss journey. But I am not keen on the weekly weigh-in because the number on the scale really starts to consume my thoughts.

But to keep consistent, I have decided to post a video relating to my journey every week I don’t post a weigh-in. For my third week on keto, I posted my take on a what I eat in a day or full day of eating video. I really enjoy watching those types of videos because it gives me meal ideas of my own.

I still did really well during my 3rd week. I ate on plan, was feeling great, and looking a little bit slimmer…at least according to one of my co-workers! LOL.

I also received a sampler box of keto baked treats from a baker in Tennessee…and proceeded to taste test all of them. I checked my ketone levels with my Keto Mojo Blood Ketone Monitor, and the treats didn’t knock me completely out of ketosis, but they did make my levels drop.

The morning before treats, my levels were 2.3 mmol/L
A few hours after eating the treats, my levels were 1.3 mmol/L
The morning after eating the treats, my levels were 0.9 mmol/L
After having bulletproof coffee, my levels were 3.0 mmol/L

The ketone monitor is really a handy tool to know what affects you and how it affects you. Super worth the buy.

Anyway, here’s my video for my third week on keto!

My Style Evolution To ‘Mom’

Style changes across the years, that’s totally understandable. I used to be quite the fashionista…not. Comfort over EVERYTHING!

I was one of those almost-goth-rocker type chicks. I wore a lot of mens’ cut Dickies. See baby me pictured below. I must have been 15 or 16. Oooooh high school. I didn’t think too much about clothes in high school. I wore what was comfortable and what was black. Even when we partied with the raving kandi kids. Black was it.


It didn’t change much from there. Straight out of high school Kristen got a little bit better at dressing herself, pictured to the right. She dressed a little less baggy, and a little more…cleavage-y. Of course every look had to be paired with that classic duck face.

This was actually one of my more favored looks. It was still comfortable, but didn’t look like I just rolled out of bed and picked up whatever thing on the floor was closest.
196660_10150443051240298_3781425_nEnter douche-y hat phase Kristen. She was straight out of music college. Style got a little more lax, and even threw some color in there! Here she is awaiting her band’s first gig, at a run down bar in the Valley, in the middle of the afternoon. We got wild that day, y’all.

Now cut to the last…maybe 4-5 years:

This is where my style has landed for a long while. Baggy shirts, plain t-shirts, sweaters, unkempt hair, and horrible shoes. I even turned into one of those ‘leggings as pants’ people. I used to detest leggings as pants. But that changed once I got pregnant. I immediately took back all the mocking I did! SO. COMFORTABLE. The only real effort has gone to hiding the bits of myself I don’t like (hence my recent resolution to get myself fit and healthy).

My husband has never complained about the way I look. He loves me anyway I come, and I love him for it. But sometimes I girl needs to feel pretty, damn it! So in an effort to spruce up my wardrobe (and hopefully boost my confidence) I bought a few new work shirts — since that’s really the only time I get out of the house.

Imagine my dismay when modeling my new work shirts for hubby, and the first thing out of his mouth is, “…You look like a mom.” Let me preface that by saying, there is nothing wrong with “looking like a mom,” even though I have no idea what that means. Moms come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. But there it is. Somehow my new found taste in clothing screams “I’m a mom!”

But I’m not sweating it too much. I like the new incorporation of patterns and prints. It makes me feel just a tad bit more girly and stylish.

Welcome to my mom fashion 🙂

Kardashi-What? ‘K’ Names.

I know zero things about the Kardashians, other than they’re super loaded and the one who had a sex tape is married to Kanye. I never quite hopped on that celebrity train.

While this is just a simple name list, I wrote it trying to keep the Kardashians in mind. That aside, maybe it’s a personal bias, but I do love me a good ‘K’ name.

If you’re looking for a unique ‘K’ name, or just enjoy name lists, check out my latest BabyGaga piece!

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I Lost How Much?! │ Keto Weigh In #2

I hopped back on the keto train 2 weeks ago, and have been really good about staying focused and on track.

I will admit that there’s been a nibble or taste of non-keto foods here and there, but that’s only when I’m making sure my son’s meals aren’t under cooked, too hot, or too salty. I even took a bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day to try to encourage him to eat it, and after little (no) luck, I walked away and spit it out. That’s how dedicated I am to giving this an honest go!

IMG_2035At the start of my second week, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I wasn’t sure if I was losing weight, but I was feeling good, I was feeling healthy, and I wasn’t hating the mirror as much. In fact, I may have even grown a little bit, dare I say, fond of the mirror. So much so, I even text one of my diet buddies about it! A little bit out of character for me, too! I’ve never really been one of those ‘mirror pic’ people.

I was sure it was all in my head, because how much could really change in 1-2 weeks?

When I resolved to get back on my health game, I weighed in at 220 lbs on the dot. For someone my age and my height, I should be somewhere between 110-140 lbs, so as you can see, I am in dire need of this change. I am happy to report that in the last two weeks of sticking to this diet, I have lost 10 lbs. I weighed in this morning at 209.8 lbs. Of course that was exciting to see, but I know that a lot of it was water weight, and I probably shouldn’t expect that type of loss from here on out. Which is totally fine by me. I want to do this in the most healthy way possible, and slow loss is best.

I also took 9 measurements around my body and can report a 5.75 inch loss across the measurements, which is pretty good, I think!

It’s been a pretty uneventful week, as far as dieting goes. I eat pretty much the same things every day, with the exception of the weekend when we need to go grocery shopping 😅

Here’s a video of me regurgitating everything in this post:


Where Do You Get Your Baby Name Inspiration?

I know that when my husband and I started trying to conceive our first child back in 2015, I was already skimming baby name websites before the end of our first cycle.

For a girl (yet to be had) I know that I want a name that is strong but delicate, and has a great meaning.

While writing another baby name list article, I found some inspiration for sweet and romantic baby girl names that I will have to consider using when the time comes!

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Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements: Are You Getting Enough?

I’ve been learning a lot on my journey as a freelance writer. Some information pertaining to motherhood and pregnancy, and some information that’s just good for life and health.

This is an article I wrote about prenatal vitamins and supplements that are essential to mom’s health and baby’s development. Some of this info is good to know, in general, too!

Did you know that Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption and Vitamin C helps with iron absorption?! Yeah, me neither! LOL

Check it out if you’re looking for a new prenatal vitamin, or just want to know how certain nutrients help the body 🙂

Does It Have What Mom Needs: 15 Prenatal Vitamins Ranked


The (Keto) Diet Monster

The last time I remember being “small” was probably about the second grade. After that, all of my memories star a chubby or overweight me. There were times when I struggled with it, like in primary school when I misplaced my school only uniform at after school care, and the office had to loan me an almost too small, definitely too short one. Or in middle school when a girl (who was larger than I was, mind you) was making fun of me during dance class saying things like, “Wow. I didn’t think you could jump that high.” Or when my high school (and college) boyfriend pointed out my every flaw and fault. Or when my mother felt the need to continuously comment on my weight and tell me I should stop eating certain things (side note: my mom is amazing. She never meant it maliciously).

As an adult, I have been a lot more comfortable in my body as it is, extra pounds and all, but I would be lying if I said I don’t think like would be better if weighed less. Now, as a mother, my greatest concern with my weight is my health. I want to be healthy and fit(ish) so I can keep up with my toddler’s never ending energy supply. I want to take him to the park and play soccer with him. Or at the very least, I want to not feel completely deplete of my energy when I get home from work, and he still wants to play before or after dinner.

When my husband and I were trying to conceive the first time (our son), we were having a bit of a hard time. Me, being the researcher that I am, hopped on Google looking for ways to boost my fertility and increase our odds of having a successful pregnancy — we had suffered 2 miscarriages at this point. That’s when I found information regarding low carb diets, and how many fertility doctors suggest a low carb diet to their patients. Naturally, I was intrigued. I didn’t find too much hard evidence supporting low carb and fertility, but the information I was finding was amazing. The more I read about or watched videos about maintaining a low carb diet, the more it started to make sense to me for life in general. I was hooked on obtaining information.

In the midst of all my research, we finally got pregnant, and stayed pregnant. I tried to practice a lower carb diet while pregnant, which I actually think helped me avoid gestational diabetes. After adjusting to life with a new baby, finding a rhythm, and moving house, I was ready to really get into it. I went full on keto.

I was excited about it. I was eating well, feeling well, cooking new and delicious foods (maternity leave gives you time to do this type of stuff), and I was singing keto’s praises to my whole family. My brother and his wife even hopped on the train with me…until they found out they were pregnant again, and momma’s only craving was Jack In The Box monster tacos 🙄 That aside, I stuck to it. From April to October or November, I managed to lose 67lbs from my highest weight. The day I went into labor, I was 260lbs. Spare the, “But you were pregnant!” comment. My weight before becoming pregnant was 247. Yup. I only gained 13lbs my entire pregnancy! I got myself down to 193.7 in that 6-7 month time, and I thought it was amazing!

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I fell off that wagon hard, and never found my way back. I mean, I tried to get back to it a few times over the last couple of months, but the motivation just hasn’t been there…until now. I weighed myself the other day to find that I had gained a whopping 27lbs! I’m back up over 200lbs, my clothes are fitting a little too tightly, and I am always feeling tired. Why would I do this disservice to myself?

I have to up the ante. I know there are so many people putting their journeys out there on Instagram and YouTube, and I’m joining the ranks. I’m hoping that being so blatantly out there will keep me motivated and accountable. It’s worth a shot, if it results in a healthier and happier me, right??

So here’s me, in all my glory, giving this a go.

My A-HA moment:

An Introduction To Me: