My Experience In Early Pregnancy (After Multiple Miscarriages)

The moment you get a positive home pregnancy test, a million thoughts and emotions might flood your mind and body. If you're actively trying to conceive, a positive test is all you ever wanted. The thing with me is...I have a history of early miscarriage. I had 3 before getting pregnant (and staying pregnant) with… Continue reading My Experience In Early Pregnancy (After Multiple Miscarriages)


Popsicles and Baby Bumps

I may be on a low carb/sugar free diet, but I know a good popsicle when I see one (or read the recipe to one...)! And the great thing about making your own popsicles is that it is almost effortless. Just throw everything into your blender, puree, and freeze in molds. SO. EASY. Here are… Continue reading Popsicles and Baby Bumps


Alternative Spelling For Classic Names

As a self-proclaimed 'weird mom,' I would totally love to give my children an interesting and out of the ordinary name. But since they're (the one, for now) not only my children, husband gets a say, which means unique names are reserved for middle names. My son's middle name is Anakin (Star Wars parents, much?!) I… Continue reading Alternative Spelling For Classic Names


Kardashi-What? ‘K’ Names.

I know zero things about the Kardashians, other than they're super loaded and the one who had a sex tape is married to Kanye. I never quite hopped on that celebrity train. While this is just a simple name list, I wrote it trying to keep the Kardashians in mind. That aside, maybe it's a… Continue reading Kardashi-What? ‘K’ Names.


Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements: Are You Getting Enough?

I've been learning a lot on my journey as a freelance writer. Some information pertaining to motherhood and pregnancy, and some information that's just good for life and health. This is an article I wrote about prenatal vitamins and supplements that are essential to mom's health and baby's development. Some of this info is good… Continue reading Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements: Are You Getting Enough?


The Low Down On Pregnancy Tests

I wrote this article for Baby Gaga giving the low down on pregnancy tests including cost and sensitivity! It was actually a great article to write as someone heading into their own TTC journey. I'm sure there are many pregnancy tests to be taken in my future! If you've been questioning the differences amongst pregnancy… Continue reading The Low Down On Pregnancy Tests


The 15 Most Important Things Pregnant Moms Should Think About

I've been on vacation with my family... Now that I'm back, tanned and freckled, I'm getting back to business! Here's another article I wrote for a couple of weeks ago. Of course, all lists are subjective, but it's good stuff to think about, I reckon! (Also...Listicles are harder than they seem, y'all! lol) The… Continue reading The 15 Most Important Things Pregnant Moms Should Think About